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12 Aug

I love making a difference in the world.

Sharing what’s important in our complex world doesn’t mean a thing unless a reader can quickly engage with a story.

I use my writing, video, and digital media skills to grab a reader or viewer right away. Compelling copy or a brief video allows me to easily share important health, medical and scientific information with my audience.

Clear and Engaging Content

Trained as a science, health and medical reporter, I’m happy my skills work for digital media and content marketing too. In addition to traditional journalism, I work part-time at an award-winning public relations and communications firm. I write web copy, CEO speeches, social media posts and more. No two days are ever the same.

I’m one of those fortunate people who loves what they do for work.

— Damian McNamara

I find the best stories to tell from major medical conferences in all kinds of specialties:

Surprising Lessons Learned by a Physician-Turned-Patient

dr-philip-katz_gi-chairman_1Damian McNamara//November 15, 2016  


LAS VEGAS — Philip Katz, MD, woke up feeling healthy, as usual. The 6′ 3″, 195-pound, 60-year-old gastroenterologist had never spent a night in the hospital as a patient, had no remarkable recent medical history, and took no medications except a statin to manage hypercholesterolemia.

But that evening, October 4, 2013, he had a cardiac arrest. In an instant, Dr Katz had become a patient. He was in the cardiac catheterization lab 45 minutes after the emergency medical technicians arrived.

“My view from the other side of the bed has given me insight into a part of medicine that I’d never experienced,” Dr Katz said during the David Graham Lecture he delivered here at the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting. “Can it make you a better doctor? Probably. I believe I am. But I wouldn’t recommend this as a way to become a better doctor, not in the least.”


VIDEO: Carefully consider impact of MRI to detect contralateral breast cancer


 MRI for contralateral breast cancer


MIAMI – Physicians generally herald advances in medical imaging technology to improve and inform clinical decision-making for their patients. However, greater precision in MRI findings can leave physicians wondering how to advise patients concerned about a contralateral breast cancer, Dr. Anees Chagpar said.

It boils down to clinical significance and anxiety. Smaller lesions now detected by MRI may or may not indicate a true increase in risk, Dr. Chagpar said at the annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference, held by Physicians’ Education Resource. In addition, evidence suggests just having an MRI raises anxiety in some women with unilateral breast cancer, regardless of results. She advises providers to carefully consider why they’re ordering an MRI and the potential impact on a patient already at a heightened state of anxiety from their initial diagnosis.

Dr. Chagpar, director of the Breast Center, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven (Conn.), reported no relevant financial disclosures.


Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Benefits, Challenges and Misperceptions

Q & A with Incoming ASMBS President Stacy Brethauer, MD


Stacy Brethauer, MD, is a staff physician in Cleveland Clinic’s Bariatric and Metabolic Institute. He addresses trends and challenges in bariatric surgery and what the kind of legacy he wants to leave in an interview as he assumes the role of President of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

Q: Are there any controversial areas you see the society addressing over the next year?

A: One of the most controversial things in our field is when a new procedure becomes acceptable for widespread use. New variations on older procedures [also] present a challenge: what level of evidence is sufficient to say that this should be covered and it’s a standard procedure? We have to be really diligent. Payers and patients pay attention when a society comes out and endorses a new procedure, and we want to make sure it’s safe and effective for the patient.

Q: Obesity affects a lot of different specialties in medicine. What surprises you most that other physicians don’t understand about bariatric surgery?

A: There is still a widespread perception that it’s a last resort, and quite the opposite is true. It should be considered earlier in the disease for obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. We know that the earlier you intervene in a chronic disease, the more effective the treatment can be and the longer it can last. Other misperceptions about bariatric surgery are that it is very risky, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t last. There is a tremendous amount of evidence to the contrary. It is extremely safe, safer than many commonly performed surgical procedures.

Q: How do you address the whole scope of the field of bariatric surgery without bringing your own expertise into it?


For a year and half I blogged on innovations in Health IT @ www.CareCloud.com/blog

I’m psyched my blog made this Top 10 List: 10 Software Blogs We Actually Enjoy Reading published October 14th, 2014 by Cara Wood in B2B Marketing.

Every week I also blogged business tips for doctors at @ PowerYourPractice.com

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Both these blogs made this Top 100 Healthcare Blogs listing from March 2015 — coming in, get this, at #4 and #1!

I also design landing pages, write case studies and white papers, and create other content to raise awareness and bring in business.

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